“For women who are cut off from information, services like Maya Apa are a light in the dark”

   - COO Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg

About Us

Mayalogy Limited, the Bangladeshi entity of Maya Digital Health Pte. Ltd., is a health technology company aiming to help everyone to feel awesome, everyday. In 2014, Maya partnered with world renowned NGO, BRAC, through its Gender Justice and Diversity department, to further develop the platform and reach more users in need. Since then Maya has resolved over 450,000+ user queries and launched the Maya Android app in February 2015.

Our service has been committed to reinventing the way people in developing countries access expert advice and share knowledge. By eliminating the social, financial and geographic barriers to accessing expert advice on health, psychosocial and legal issues; Maya aims to be everyone's personal digital wellbeing assistant.

'Maya' is re-inventing the way people in developing countries access vetted expert advice. Maya is a knowledge sharing/messaging platform available on Android, Web, and Free Basics.

We currently services 2000+ questions a day, encompassing a wide range of topics, primarily; Public Health, Psycho-social and Legal. With a MoM growth rate of 10%+ we’re constantly on the edge of chaos and looking to grow further.
In countries like Bangladesh, where there are many barriers to accessing reliable advice (particularly for women), our service is easy-to-use and very user friendly. Both men and women can ask questions in English, Bangla, Banglish and or Voice. Questions are then routed to a vetted network of experts (doctors, therapists etc.) through a real-time, uber-like backend.


Maya started out as a blog called “Maya” in 2009 by our founder Ivy Huq Russell, before launching its current intelligent platform (available on Android, Web & Wap).

“I first started Maya in 2009, soon after I had my first child, as a blog to start gathering/creating/sharing female-oriented content in Bangladesh. I found there to be a massive gap between the information/knowledge women needed in a country like Bangladesh, and how they could access it. The goal then was to provide high quality, locally relevant content to women, mostly mothers. Our site was very bare bones, and on a whim, I added a very basic comments box on the homepage with the call to action, "ask Maya Apa anything". We started to get a few queries every day, and this eventually led to us responding to 15-30 questions a day. I was routing these question to my friends who had relevant expertise. We realised quickly that this was the "killer feature" and in 2014, Maya pivoted to focus primarily on the "Maya" service.”


BRAC and Maya have recently signed a partnership (February 2017), making BRAC a partner and advocate of its services.

Our Key Partners

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